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Foam Fellows – Your personal boat cradle specialist

The boat cradle (or boat stand if you wish) is made from extruded polystyrene and have special cell structure, which ensures very high durability and waterproofing.

At the same time surface of stand is soft enough and does not cause any harms to your boat. Tailor-made models guarantees that cradle will fit 100% to your boat.

Size does not matter to us, from zero to 20 000 kilos we have solutions for you, in special cases even heavier models are possible.

Our commitment to sustainability is based on our values and purpose. Our production lines recycle all materials and this is key element in our production, as well as quality surveillance.

Whatever your keyword is, boat cradle, boat stand, boat storage system or solution, we have the answer for you!

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Multi line

  • For bigger boats
  • Contains two or more pieces
  • Boat length about 8 – 20 meters
  • Boat weight over 2000 kg

Single line

  • For smaller boats
  • Contains one piece that includes the possibility to move the boat with forklift
  • Boat length about 4 – 8 meters
  • Boat weight up to 2000 kg
Premium boat Brabus 900 on Foam Fellows boat cradles

Technical specifications of Foam Fellows boat stands and cradles

  • Material: extruded polystyrene (CE proved)
  • Causes no harms to boats surface / hull
  • Compression strenght over 13 000 kg / m2
  • Available harder if needed, max. 27 000 kg / m2
  • Material strenght tested every 8 hours during the manufacturing process
  • Retains its shape at a temperature of – 180 to + 90 oC
  • Water resistant
  • Not hazardous to health – Emission rating M1 – no particles or gases harmful to health
  • Material can be 100 % re-used (all waste goes directy to recycling in production)
  • Made in Finland